The DC Area Transmasculine Society is a peer-facilitated social and support group in the DC area for anyone on the transmasculine spectrum. We are persons born or assigned female at birth and feel that this is an inaccurate or incomplete description of who we are today.

DCATS also welcomes significant others, friends, families, and allies (SOFFAS)


Big Brother Program

DCATS is running a mentorship program to pair people newer to identifying as trans/genderqueer with more experienced folks. Open to all kinds of folks - transitioning or not. If you are interested in either finding a mentor or being a mentor, please fill out and submit our mentoring form, and we will be in contact to pair you up!

DCATS t-shirts are still available!

Available in small-XXL for $15, which goes to supporting DCATS. We'll have them available after the monthly meetings.

Who we are

DCATS is a diverse group. The term "transmasculine" is core to DCATS' spirit of inclusiveness. We acknowledge, welcome, and celebrate the wide range of transgender identities that our members have. Our members include:

We run a monthly support group on the second Sunday of every month, in addition to our yahoo! list-serve and social events throughout the year.